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Wrecking Ball

The makers of Wrecking Balm (aka Wrecking Ball) claim it is an effective means of tattoo removal that can be carried out at home. It consists of a DemoMatic handheld device that is used to exfoliate the epidermis, a Suffusion Gel, a Hydravescent Cream and a Branding Butter Conceler. Some of the advantages they claim are no doctor's appointment, no prescription, no burning by laser or surgical cutting, much less expensive than laser removal, can be done at home. They claim that their solvent serum penetrates into the skin and helps break up the ink so that it is pushed to the skin's surface where it can be exfoliated.

Price: a 24 application system is listed at about $150, and consists of

  • 2-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • DemoMatic™
  • 4oz. Suffusion™ Gel
  • 2oz. Hydravescent™ Cream
  • 5.7g Branding Butter™ Concealer

In their FAQ they state that is can be used on different skin tones, on tattoos older than 6 months, on tattoos on different parts of the body, on different color tattoos.

With reference to scientific evidence they state "The ongoing research and testing results of the Wrecking Balm System are proprietary and cannot be released at this time. We are conducting additional testing that may be available to the public sometime in the next several months. Unfortunately, this is part of the agreement Doc Wilson’s Wrecking Balm® System has with his scientists and labs."

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