"Take my tattoo, please"
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Top ten worst tattoos.  

Think your tattoo needs removing? Sure, it's ex-wife's name and the alimony you pay is sufficient reminder of your past bad choices. But, it's not an epic fail tattoo compared to these.

Number 10

Okay, we'll ease into the worst tattoos, with this temporary tattoo. Yikes, the one in the middle is so bad, you may want to laser it off just to make a statement.

Number 9

This one is "worst" in the good sense of the word, like "sick" or "bad".

Number 8

Here we have an homage to Mt. Rushmore with 4 dudes, who are they?

Number 7

Yes, we pity the fool that got this tattoo. What's with the Shriner hat?

Number 6

Al Davis as a cupie doll.

Number 5


Number 4

We're guessing that Courtney is the daughter, USA is the country and everything else is Star Wars.

Number 3

Well, at least birds won't attack him from behind.

Number 2


Number 1





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