Dr. VonHindenberg's Laser Tenacious-Tattoo Removal
Epic Advance in the Storied Story that is Laser Tattoo Removal a tattoo-removal-in.com exclusive interview

Us: Dr VonHindenberg... icon in the Art and the Sport that is Laser Tattoo Removal... legendary inventor of the YAG-Laser that has zapped away over 2 million tattoos....

DrV: Yes, I am that man.

Us: Now, you've created the Laser Tenacious-Tattoo Removal system. Please explain.

DrV: Vell, everyone knows size, ink color and such affect laser tattoo removal. Vat is less know is some tattoos, such as butterfly, fairy, unicorn are much easier to remove than say skull, skeleton, demon, varrior. Butterfly and such you simply shush avay--they are docile critters have vings, fly fly avay; skeleton and such dark evil tattoo symbols vill fight against removal, yes, fight fight bellicose, tenacious.

Us (dumbfounded): What, that's absurd... they are just tattoos... made of ink, so what the tattoo represents can't have anything to do with how to remove it.

DrV: One might ignorantly believe so, but such is the case. Consider, Bob, our first clinical demonstration, who had a celtic cross and skeleton on his back. He vanted to remove just the skeleton.

Now, skeleton difficult to remove, is dead, filled vith dark evil. One cannot simply shoot it straight on vith laser; you need use sneak attack. So our plan vas to attack it from behind. Luckly celtic cross vas 27 microns deeper in the skin than the skeleton, so ve use that tactical advantage.

Us: That's ridiculous!

DrV: Vell, vatch the video (large file).


laser removal of tattoo
Dr. VonHindenberg

"skeleton and such dark evil tattoo symbols vill fight against removal"

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