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Fade Away Creams

This tattoo removal method involves a cream that is applied to the skin. Some of the brands are Dermasal, Fade-Away, Tat-B-Gone, Tattoo-Off and Wrecking Ball (Wrecking Balm). They usually require a number of steps and claim to gradually break down the ink over time causing tattoos to fade away. These methods usually state that they are painless (or result in minimal discomfort), can be used at home and do not result in scarring. The time period to remove a tattoo is usually in the area of many weeks to many months. Although cheaper than laser tattoo removal, these creams can run in the hundreds of dollars.

Reviews of these techniques cast doubt upon their effectiveness. Some state that at best they will cause the tattoo to become lighter, but still visible. There is no convincing scientific evidence that these techniques actually work more.


tattoo removal cream
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