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The makers of rejuvi point out that tattoo ink is inert, insoluble and placed deep in the skin such that superficial solvents are unlikely to be effective. Their system, they claim, removes tattoos by softening the tattoo pigment and moving it to the surface of the skin. Claimed advantages are less scarring, less cost, applicable to all colors of tattoos, and less likely to result in changes in skin tone. They recommend 3 to 7 applications to remove a tattoo, with each application lasting around a half hour. Treatments are space out in 2-3 month intervals. It should not be applied to sensitive areas of the skin. If the tattoo is large, then it should be removed in stages, dividing up the tattoo to 2inch square per stage.

The treatment is carried out using a tattoo machine. Rejuvi cream is injected into the skin where it will mix with the original tattoo. The mixture is pushed out by natural processes, results in a scab that will fall off and the skin returns to normal after a couple months, according to the manufacturer. Aftercare is important to reduce the likelihood of scarring.

Here are before during and after tattoo removal photos provided by the manufacturer.


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