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Here are statements from professionals and clients concerning the price of tattoo removal.

Depending on your tattoo, you may need anywhere from 1-10 sessions, each costing in the range of $250-$850 per session.

Laser tattoo removal, which is the most common method, and usually the best, ranges from $200 to $500 per session, according to Since it can take from five to twenty sessions to remove a tattoo, the total cost could reach $10,000.

It ranges between $125-$200 per visit with around 5 to 10 visits before you start seeing results.

The price was 150.00 for two small tattoos worked on in one session--I return in six weeks for next treatment.

I have one large tattoo on my back about 4 inches square. It cost me $600.00 per session w/ a total bill of $5,000.00.

I am charged $250 per session for a Ruby Laser tattoo removal at a Dermatology clinic. The tattoo is 2 inches by 4 inches.

I'd recommend waiting 8 weeks between sessions as this give the body's immune system enough time to remove the ink that is disintegrated by the laser; this may mean fewer sessions and less cost.


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