Amazing Laser In A Jar: Tattoo Removal Cream

It's amazing: we've stored the power of laser radiation in a cream. Laser In A Jar will eliminate your tattoo in just one application. No more multiple visits to your dermatologist to have your tattoo removed by laser.

Laser In A Jar is a soothing aloe vera gel, with just a touch of radioactive plutonium.

Instructions: Use approximately 1 teaspoon per square inch of tattoo. Put it in your hand and simply swipe it across your tattoo once (that soft green shimmer lets you know it's working). Give it just a second to soak in and... no more tattoo.



Take a tour:

note: if animation doesn't work when you mouseover step three: click here.

"How does Laser In A Jar work?" you ask. "Who are you, the KGB?" we reply. But seriously, the plutonium causes the tattoo to mutate into a living being, (you know just like it did for Godzilla), and the tattoo simply flies, crawls or wanders off. Warning: do not apply Laser In A Jar to a tattoo of the four horsemen or you'll touch off the Apocalypse.

Yes, we've used this "new and improved" clip art star to profess that it has 25% more plutonium, now!


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