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Dr. VonHindenberg's Evil Tattoo
Laser Removal System (humor)

This site describes how tattoos are removed. It provides information and reviews to help you determine which option will work the best for removing your unwanted tattoo ink. You can start off with learning how tattoos are made.

Tattoo removal techniques include:

  • relatively inexpensive home tattoo removal, such as dermabrasion and tattoo removing creams
  • using a chemical peel such as TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)
  • excision, i.e., surgical cutting carried out by a medical doctor
  • laser methods which can be carried out by a dermatologist
  • new tattoo removal by IPL

The location guide gives tattoo removal health clinics, dermatology centers for the 100 largest US cities.

Some issues to consider in order for you to determine which option will work best for removing your unwanted tattoo ink:

  • cost per session and for overall treatment
  • evidence of effectiveness such as before and after pictures
  • possibility of a scar
  • pain
  • time required

New: 1) The cost of tattoo removal is not cheap and depends upon the size and color of the tattoo; see our guide for prices of tattoo removal. 2) We'd love to hear your tattoo removal stories. 3) Have a tattoo-related website, here is free tattoo-removal content you can publish on your site. 4) Reasons for tattoo removal. 5) Tattoo removal before and after photos.

We have Humor: Amazing tattoo removal cream: laser in a jar and more meme humor, and Dr. VonHindenberg's Laser Evil Tattoo Removal System. Think your tattoo needs removing? Sure, it's ex-wife's name and the alimony you pay is sufficient reminder of your past bad choices. But, is it begging for removal like our top ten worst tattoos?

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